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Sloan’s Automotive

When we met Donnie we had just switched our credit card processing service. The new company had promised us savings and service that did not come to fruition. Donnie gave us a free detailed price comparison, explained each line item, and educated us why the new setup did not give us the savings we were promised. We had just been misled by an unprofessional sales agent so we did not want to make a rash decision. However, because of Donnie’s reputation, knowledge, and risk free program, we decided to give him a try. He set us up using a separate terminal with no contract or early cancellation fees. His pricing brought our credit card acceptance cost down by $10,000 a year from the other service! He followed up with us to make sure we understood how to read our monthly statement and continues to make sure we are happy with the service. Donnie is very professional and will help your business in this area.

-Terry Sloan, Owner, Sloan’s Automotive, PH: (407) 228-7889

Golden Touch Dry Cleaners (4 Locations)

If you are considering switching companies because Donnie Troy has analyzed your situation and explained his program will bring value to your business, then he is telling you the truth! When Donnie first called on our businesses I was very skeptical and hesitant to discuss our merchant services. To say the least, I was not interested. From past experience, switching providers always came with headaches and demanded too much of my time. After speaking with Donnie on several occasions and realizing he may be able to provide value to our operation, I decided to let him provide a complete report for us. He was able to identify significant savings for each of our locations. This was great news. However, I couldn’t afford to risk making a transition unless it was going to be seamless. He outlined exactly how he would switch us over, update our equipment, and help us cancel our old provider once we were up and running with his company. He was quick and did exactly what he said he would do. We have found that his program and level of support was exactly what we needed. After working with him for some time now, it is nice to know that we can always reach him and count on him to service our needs. Donnie’s program and service has made the credit card processing for our multi location business much more efficient.

-Harry Nathoo, owner, Golden Touch Dry Cleaners, PH: (407) 290-0637

Christo’s Café

We were referred to Donnie Troy from a customer of ours. We had been with the bank for years so we decided it wouldn’t hurt to look over this aspect of our business. Donnie found some large savings for us. We were still very reluctant to switch because of the comfort level we had with the bank. It wasn’t until Donnie explained that he would be boarding us with the same processor as the bank but at a better price with better service, that we started to understand the safety of this possible partnership. After delaying for an entire year, we decided to have Donnie look at a more recent processing statement. We found that every 3-4 months, our rates and fees were increasing. This was the tipping point for us. Donnie promised that our pricing setup with 1Quest Payment would be set fair and would not increase with time. It was quite a shock to see the actual savings Donnie was able to achieve for us. We have found that he not only provides everything that the bank does, but actually much more and for much less money! The only thing we regret is not making the switch to his company faster.

George Girmis, Owner, Christo’s Cafe, PH: (407) 425-8136

College Park Kiddie Kampus

My Son who uses Donnie’s service recommended we talk to him. Donnie showed that he could reduce our credit card rate. Unfortunately we had a contract with our bank which included a hefty termination fee. Donnie took care of this fee, set-up a free terminal to prevent any reprogram hassles to our existing terminal, and provided us with no long term contract or early termination fees. The new rate structure that he provided us with has reduced our overall rate by roughly 1%!! This mean that for every $10,000 we process in credit cards, we are saving $100! Not only are we paying less per month to accept credit cards but Donnie reimbursed our banks termination fee and we no longer have to worry about being trapped in a contract. Furthermore, it feels much better to be using a local business owner rather than a large bank. Switching to his service is the ultimate no brainer!

-Linda Wade, Owner, College Park Kiddie Kampus Inc, PH: (407) 872-3320

Minerva’s Bridal (3 Locations)

Our business is over 90% credit cards. That is exactly why we hired Donnie Troy to monitor and make sure this aspect of our business runs as smooth as glass. If you want personalized professional service and someone with your best interest at the forefront, look no further!

Jim Bateman, President , Minerva’s Bridal, PH: (407) 857-8873

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Briggs Distributing

We were using our local bank for credit card and check processing for years. Donnie was persistent about giving us a free cost analysis. His proposal was showing that he would save us hundreds of dollars per month. We went with him because he has no contract, provided us with a free terminal and check reader, and let us cancel with the bank after we were happy with his service. When we compared our new statements with our last couple from the bank we were saving even more then Donnie promised. This additional profit from our transactions makes a huge difference!

Sue Brinkmeier, General Manager, Briggs Distributing, PH: 407-797-0922

Safety Tax and Bookkeeping

Donnie made the transition to his business extremely smooth and painless. He was very professional. He communicated and executed all the necessary steps to get us switched to his service with lower credit card processing fees and local reliable service.

-Cristina Rivera, President, Safety Tax and Bookkeeping, PH: (407) 888-4949

All Mechanics of Orlando

Donnie takes his profession very seriously. We received several pricing bids from other processing companies when we were making our decision to leave our local bank. They all promised the lowest fees which made the decision extremely tough. Donnie was the most knowledgeable in his explanation about the fees and service. He explained the different options we were presented with and why his setup was most favorable. He was the only bidder who offered interchange plus pricing, a free terminal, and no long term commitment or contract. He didn’t make us cancel with the bank right away. He made sure our new service was running smoothly before leaving our bank’s service.

-Steve Wade, Owner, All Mechanics of Orlando, PH: (407) 502-4917

Touch of Class Dry Cleaners & Magic Touch Dry Cleaners

Donnie was persistent in his follow up. He really believed in what he was doing and told us over and over that he could enhance our profitability by cutting back on our credit card processing fees. We gave him a shot to analyze our statements. In the analysis, he showed us very large savings. We were skeptical but because of his insistence and no contracts, we signed up with him. I want to tell you that the savings actually exceeded what he promised. He enhanced our profitability by roughly $3,600 per year. Also, Donnie is always available if we have questions and makes sure we are satisfied. I strongly encourage you to work with Donnie as he is a true professional in his business.

-Mehnaz & Amir Memon, Owners, Touch of Class & Magic Touch Dry Cleaners, PH: (407) 299-3622

Big Frog Custom T-Shirts

We were using Wells Fargo merchant services. The fees we were being charged were not comprehendible. Donnie analyzed our statements and proposed decent savings. He explained that our statements were very vague and that he was giving us a very modest proposal. He told us the savings would be quite substantial but because of the lack of detail of our current statements he couldn’t give us the exact amount like he usually does. We signed with him with no contract and he still paid for our early termination fee from Wells Fargo and provided us with a free terminal. Since putting our trust in his service, he is saving us roughly $350 per month which equates to $4,200 for the year. Our business is continually growing and the more volume we produce the more his pricing structure enhances our profitability. He made the transition to his company extremely smooth. I give him an A+

Wesly Parker, Owner, Big Frog Custom T-Shirts, PH: (321) 972-8879

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Roane’s Tv Sales & Service

Donnie had great timing when he introduced himself and his business. Our machine was down and we were not getting the necessary support from our provider. Not only did he provide us with a brand new terminal at no charge, but he had it ready over night preprogrammed to go for the start of our week. In the past, when changing credit card services it was a headache that took time and getting used to. Donnie made the transition hassle free. He took care of our needs so that I could focus my attention on the other things that needed to be done. Furthermore, he reduced our credit card acceptance overall rate from 2.4% to 1.8% saving us good money!

Christine Bowen, VP, Roanes TV Sales & Service, PH: (407) 644-1198

Different Drummers Kitchen (3 locations)

Donnie was able to save my three stores over $5,000 per year with his pricing structure! I was happy with my previous processor but this type of savings was too much to turn down.

-Andrew Meisberger, Owner, Different Drummers Kitchen, PH: 413-637-0606

Berkshire Organics

When Donnie first gave us a price comparison it was hard to believe. How could he save us this much money when ours and other companies said they couldn’t? With his persistence and passion to save us this money, we gave him a chance. Donnie saved our store over $4,000 per year with his pricing structure. More importantly, he is extremely responsive. Whenever I call or text him with a problem or question, he responds immediately.

Aleisha & Brian Gibbons, Owners, PH: (413) 442-0888

Chocolate Springs Café

I was frustrated with the service and hidden fees I was receiving from my credit card processor. I could never get a straight answer. Donnie was able to show me nice savings in a patient and transparent manner. However, being skeptical because of my last experience, I looked up every possible bad thing that can happen when switching companies. Donnie explained why these negative experiences and complaints that I read about happen and why I wouldn’t have to worry about any of them. After much hesitation, I gave him my business. I want to endorse Donnie’s patience during my decision process, his customer service and above and beyond effort he gives. Any concerns are taken care of right away! He proved that it is the local agent on the account that determines a positive or negative experience. We use a POS system but Donnie provided a free dial up terminal just in case our internet ever goes down. He also provided a free phone swipe for my iphone so I never miss another sale on the road! Switching to Donnie was the right decision for my Business.

Joshua Needleman, President, Chocolate Springs Cafe, PH: (413) 637-9820