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There are 3 types of representatives. 1) Independent Contractors who enter into non exclusive contracts with as many different service providers as they want. 2) Employees who have an exclusive contract with one service provider and are on salary. 3) Contractor Employee who also has an exclusive contract but works on more of a bonus oriented income structure.
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Are the gateway between the merchant and the Processor giving merchants the ability to accept debit and credit cards. There are thousands of service providers competing in the marketplace. They all have the ability to provide the same rates and pricing but differ in what products, technology, and services they offer.
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Communicates within the complex network, approving and declining transactions. Then each day they transmit the total credit card sales, also known as a batch settlement, to the merchant's bank account. Just like brands such as Ford rely on dealerships to sell and service their cars, processors in a similar fashion rely on the representatives and service providers to sell and service merchants.
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Finding the right independent contractor Representative (rep #1) will virtually guarantee that you get the best rates, solutions, and service. A big reason for this is because they have several options and flexibility. To give you a better understanding, Service Providers and independent Representatives enter into non-exclusive contracts with each other. The Representatives are responsible for all business costs including marketing, equipment, and lead generation. This eliminates the Service Provider's employee salaries and payroll costs (Reps #2 and #3), marketing dollars, and the time and effort it takes to create a new client relationship. As a result, they concede up to 95% of the profit to the independent Representative.These reps can price a merchant as close to interchange as they want, whereas a bank employee (rep #2) or sales employee (rep #3) does not have this flexibility. The closer a merchant is priced to interchange, the more they will save and the less the Representative and Service Provider will profit each month. Even though Service Providers make less profit from each merchant acquired from independent reps; it's actually their highest ROI because of the consistent growth and lack of merchant attrition. The great pricing and personal service leads to long term relationships which equals long term profits; not quick capital gains associated with Reps #2 and #3. That’s why the mass majority of Service Providers rely on independent Representatives to grow their organizations. It's the mentality and truth that 10% of a watermelon is more then 100% of a grape. To find the best independent Representative, get references, search them online, and talk with other merchants who they have relationships with to ensure they are a great fit for you.


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With our programs your transactions will be processed and deposited quickly into your bank account by the same established credit card processors that top U.S. brands depend on every day. In fact, depending on your current setup, we may not even change the processor who is currently moving your money. What we will do is lower the cost of the program, upgrade your equipment, add solutions, eliminate the contract, and provide personal service you can count on.



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