1Is there a more direct source to merchant services that can reduce our fees to process?
No. No matter what source you choose to accept credit cards, whether it is your bank, Sam’s Club, Square, or 1Quest Payment, they serve as a gateway or bridge to the actual credit card processor. The reality is, all you need is a reliable expert in this area whose success depends solely on the long term success of your business. Moreover, you need an expert whose profit margin is not determined by the need to cover unnecessary overhead.
2Will 1Quest Payment be handling our money and have access to our bank account?
No, We are powered by the same financial institutions and 24/7 customer support lines that Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Costco and other big box retailers put their trust in to have their credit card transactions processed and funded. We make sure that the financial institution crediting and debiting your bank account has a long standing proven and trusted track record.
3After 1Quest Payment sets us up with a great deal to accept credit cards, is that the end of contact?
That is actually just the beginning. The 1Quest Payment team of experts is available for you 24/7. Our profit comes each month by taking a sliver of the savings that we are passing on to you. Remember, we do not offer a long term contract, which gives you the ability to leave us hassle free. This means that if we stop passing you savings or fail to keep you satisfied, we don’t get paid. So we are here to provide you with a credit card processing program that not only brings your business more value and saves you time and headache, but also saves you money month after month, year after year, for the life of your business!
4How can you save us money?
There are both non-negotiable and negotiable fees associated with credit card processing. We reduce the negotiable fees down to a total cost of $30-$70 per month, depending on your monthly volume. For example, if we analyze your merchant statement and find that you are paying $300 per month in negotiable fees, we simply reduce this margin to $50. This in turn saves you $250 per month! The $50 that remains is our monthly profit margin required to remain profitable as a business and provide industry leading processing solutions and customer service.
5What is your rate?
1Quest Payment provides the most cost effective pricing. Our 3 options are flat rate, interchange plus, or subscription base. With our expertise, these pricing structures will achieve the best possible rate for your business. Your actual rate, which we call the effective rate, is your total fees for a calendar month divided by your total credit card volume for that same month. Several factors including your industry, geographical location, average ticket amount, and percentage of cards swiped vs keyed, will determine what your achievable rate will be. After our commitment free consultation, we will communicate to you what your exact rate will be and exactly how much money this will save you. Our pricing will generate a consistent low flat rate so that there are no surprises each month. Knowing exactly what your rate is will help you to make better decisions as to how you price your products and services for sale.
6Are there Hidden fees?
No, our fees are charged on a monthly basis based on your volume. We have no setup or annual charges. We believe in full disclosure so you will know exactly what your total monthly fees will be.
7If we switch to 1Quest Payment’s program, can we continue to use our existing bank account?
Yes, There is no reason to switch bank accounts. All that we need from you is a copy of a voided check to submit with the paperwork.
8Is it risky to give out our monthly credit card processing statement for review by 1Quest Payment?
Besides showing the total credit card volume produced by your business for that particular month, which will remain 100% confidential between us, there is no sensitive information on these statements that could put you or your business in danger of id or cyber theft. The merchant # listed on the statement will not give someone the ability to make changes to your account.
9Shouldn’t I use my bank for merchant services to keep all my financial accounts and point of contact in one place?
One of the biggest misconceptions is thinking that banks actually do the credit card processing. Just like 1Quest Payment, they are the bridge to the credit card processor. With the upfront signing bonus structure in which a bank representative is paid, they understandably do not have a long term vested interest in your businesses' success like 1Quest Payment does. Moreover, your only point of contact will be the 1-800 # to the processor that they contract you to. Therefore, by choosing your bank you are not consolidating as you might assume and are in fact picking the most complicated merchant service solution available to you.
10Are we required to sign a long term contract or lease equipment?
1Quest Payment provides our clients with month-to-month agreements. There are no fees or penalties to ever cancel. We strongly advise against long term contracts and leases for equipment in this industry and will not provide them unless requested for a specific reason.
11What is the process of switching to 1Quest Payment?
You will be relieved to learn that our process is quick, risk free, with absolutely no down time period during the switch from your current provider to us. Our paperwork to acknowledge agreement of our savings program and setup takes an average of 5 minutes. From there, we work on our end to have your custom program and equipment ready within 1-3 business days. We then come back to your location, and without having to touch your existing equipment that is still up and running, we will install our equipment right next to it. Once you are satisfied with our program, we will help you terminate your old provider. That's right, you don't even have to notify your current provider that you are trying us out. Once you see the results that we produce for you, you'll be happy you gave us a try.
12What if I am in a contract right now?
Before making any decisions to move forward with us, we will present the pros and cons and know exactly what the cost, if any, will be to move forward. There is a very good chance that we will write you a check covering the cost of your breach of contract. The reality is, you're likely going to have break that contract at some point in the future as most companies automatically renew it. With 1Quest Payment, you'll never have a contract again.
13What if I don’t own my equipment?
That is not a problem. We provide our clients with new upgraded equipment at no cost. Once you are satisfied with us, we will help you return the borrowed equipment from your old provider to avoid any possible charges. If you are in a lease-to-own contract with your terminal, we will still provide you with free equipment. If you would like, we can then reprogram your leased terminal, as it is not a problem to reuse leased equipment with another merchant service provider.
14Can you provide Next Day Funding?
15How do I really know you will be available after we sign up?
Please review the testimonials page, our google reviews, and online reputation. We would also be glad to provide you contact information to some of our willing clients so you can hear their story. We have a team of technical and customer support experts available to you 24/7.

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