How To Change The Date And Time On The PAX S80

Many business owners have asked “How do I change the time on my Pax S80 credit card machine?”

In the below video we quickly show you how to change the date and/or time on this particular credit card terminal.

It is important that the date is correct because EMV chip cards rely on the month and year to be accurate in order for transactions to process without error.  The time is also very important if you rely on the machine to automatically settle or batch at the end of the day.

Your Merchant Provider has a specific cut off time after which point your funds will be deposited a full day later. If next day funding or 2 day funding is important for your business then make sure the time is accurate. To play it safe we recommend that you set the time 5-10 minutes ahead so that the batch/settle completes before the next day funding cut off time.

The instructions in the video should have changed the date and/or time your Pax S80 machine. If not, simply contact me so that I can assist you further.

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Donnie Troy
Donnie Troy
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