Most Small Business owners in Orlando we’ve spoken to have asked “How can I accept credit card payments on my smart phone?”

In 2017, there are several great options to accept credit cards right on your cell phone or tablet. Mx Merchant Express is a great option because of its easy to setup and user friendly features, and most importantly, for its security.

Here’s a Short Video Showing The EMV Card Reader Usage

MX Merchant Express Usage Demonstration on iPad

MX Merchant Express Sample Transaction Demonstration

A major advantage of of having a merchant account with this application is its ability to integrate with a web based portal and a traditional desktop terminal. This will allow you to simplify your business by consolidating all of your credit card acceptance methods. Learn more with this short video:


Now that you are aware of how simple it is to accept payments using your mobile device, how would you also like to receive free EMV chip card reader? Call us on 1.800.413.7573 or contact us to find out if your business qualifies for one.

Furthermore, with Mx Merchant Express you can get customized pricing and rates based off of your business. This is a huge advantage over other solutions like Square or Paypal whereby you’d be forced to settle with a fixed flat rate which could cost $1000’s more in processing fees in the long run.

For example, if your average ticket is over $50, a customized pricing plan could reduce your rate from Square’s default 2.75% to a lower 1.75%. This equates to: for every $20,000 that you accept in credit card payment, you would save $200 in processing fees.

1QuestPayment can identify lower fees for your business to take advantage of, to learn more about our customized pricing and rates click here.


Another huge advantage with Mx Merchant Express is the ability to receive 100% of your money right away. This is called monthly discount instead of daily discount. Monthly discount is when your total fees are deducted in one lump sum at the end of the month, whereas daily discount is when your fees are deducted from every deposit throughout the month.

Monthly discount allows you to make better use of your money and makes for much simpler accounting.

Get Started

You can download the Mx Merchant Express App for free through Apple iTunes store. To activate your account, simply call us on 1.800.413.7573 or contact us and we’ll get everything up and running within 1 business day.

Donnie Troy
Donnie Troy
1Quest Payment’s mission is to help as many merchants as possible find the best credit card processing solution so they can focus their time and energy on growing their business. Contact Donnie today, call 1.800.413.7573 or use our contact form