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November 8, 2016
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Credit Card Processing Companies

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Most Merchants in Orlando we’ve spoken to have asked “What Are Credit Card Processing Companies?”


Credit Card Processing Companies

Are also referred to as merchant service providers, merchant processors, credit card processors, and even banks.

They give businesses the ability to accept credit cards as payment for goods and services. Their major tasks are authorizing and processing credit cards, routing the money associated with the credit cards to the merchants bank account, calculating and collecting the fees associated with processing credit cards, and finally accurately disbursing the fees to the other two establishments who play essential roles.

Learn more about the three establishments and the merchant credit card fees that they charge by clicking here.

Just like any for profit entity, credit card processing companies charge fees for there duties and service. Small business owners have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing their credit card processing company. With all of the competition, a large majority of their markup fees are negotiable as long as you the business owner know what to look for.

Here is an article explaining how to choose the best company for your business – learn more

What Makes Each Credit Card Processing Company Different?

In Todays marketplace, the mass majority of these processing companies are very good at taking care of their core job; Processing transactions and moving the money.  What separates the medicore from the superior is their value add ons and service.

Value Add Ons

Credit card processing companies who are embracing the benefits of technology are gaining a clear edge within the Industry. When you’re talking to a processing company, find out what solutions they offer that can help the efficiency, effectiveness, and growth of your business. These value add ons shouldn’t cost your business more money but instead simply enhance your business and give your customers a great shopping experience.

For example, here is an web based virtual terminal that we provide to all of our clients at no extra cost.


We talk about it all of the time here at 1Quest Payment. All merchants have access to a personal representative if they choose to take advantage of it. It doesn’t cost your business more money or increase your fees. In fact, its just the opposite. If you follow our guidelines it will save your business a tremedous amount of time, money, and headaches.

We highly recommend searching for a reputable merchant services representative first, let them introduce you to different credit card processing companies, and then together as a team, choose a company that best fits your needs.

Finding a company and representative that is willing and with the necessary infrastructure to provide an outstanding “WOW” service experience will make an extremely positive impact on your business.

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