What Are Credit Card Processing Options for Small Business

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July 26, 2016
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September 23, 2016
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What Are Credit Card Processing Options for Small Business

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Most Small Business owners in Orlando we’ve spoken to have asked “What Are Credit Card Processing Options for Small Business?”

In today’s marketplace there are several options for business owners to accept credit cards as payment. That’s a GOOD thing right? If you know how to navigate the options and avoid the pitfalls, ripoffs, and deceiving marketing strategies, it is a GOOD THING! Unfortunately, this is easier said then done.

With all the information and advertisements on merchant services solutions it can become overwhelming and quite frankly, misleading. Merchants end up picking the most aggressive solicitor, the “lowest rate”, or the most “convenient vendor” like their bank. We have found that most business owners lose hundreds and even thousands of dollars (not to mention headaches and time wasted) throughout the process of finding merely a tolerable credit card processing solution which they end of settling for. Its true, most businesses are not thrilled with their current provider but have decided to give up on the search; We don’t blame them!

The reality is, the merchant services industry is ever changing and so is your business. Instead of focusing on finding the best solution or the best deal, we highly recommend finding the best RELATIONSHIP. Meaning, do research and find a reputable Independent Merchant Service Provider or Broker. The reason is, a good solution or a good deal only lasts so long in this industry. That is why its vital to hire an independent agent or representative with the proven track record of helping their clients LONG TERM.

These providers typically offer the best solutions within the industry because they have the flexibility and choice to do so. They are independent and not forced to sell just one type of solution. Furthermore, these types of providers have your best interest because they only get paid once per month based off a small percentage of your merchant fees. If you stop processing or switch providers, they stop getting their monthly commission.

Don’t be confused, someone (as in the processor or marketer) is always going to be collecting this percentage of the revenue whether or not your getting the support and rates you deserve. Therefore, take advantage of a reputable agent; make sure you know who is benefiting from your businesses success so that you can rely on them for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Receiving and maintaining the best pricing structure with fair industry low rates.
  2. Take care of any urgent issues such as equipment malfunctions, updates, or maintenance such as bank account changes.
  3. Protect your business by keeping you up to date with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards and secure innovative technology.

Just like you shouldn’t diagnose your health issues with a google search, don’t expect top dollar marketing strategies or empty promises to produce a positive merchant services experience. Find an expert who is surrounded by satisfied clients with the proven track record of consistently delivering results. Creating this type of relationship will ensure your small business has the necessary tools and support for long term success!

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Donnie Troy
Donnie Troy
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