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July 12, 2016
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Merchant Services Orlando, FL – How to Add a Tip to EMV Chip Card Transaction

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Many business owners in diverse industries where they accept tips from their customers, like beauty salons and restaurants, are still not accepting EMV chip or smart cards. The reason is because they do not think it is possible to adjust the transaction and add the tip after the transaction is completed. They don’t realize that it is possible to have a tip line on the receipt where the customer hand writes their tip and the merchant adds that tip at their convenience before the end of the night settlement or batch.

To avoid the hassle and pressure of asking their customers for a tip during or before they run the transaction, many merchants continue to avoid updating their equipment and still swipe credit cards.

This may put your business at risk of fraudulent and unnecessary chargebacks, and, transaction disputes which has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars not to mention negative customer service experience.

At 1Quest Payment, we have solutions that will allow you to accept EMV chip cards or smart cards and accept tips so that your customers and staff are satisfied. Allow your business to provide exceptional service.

Donnie Troy
Donnie Troy
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