We recently received an email from one of our equipment wholesalers that was quite shocking. Certain credit card terminals are going to completely stop working this October 2015? How could this be? Well first, here is the email:

There are certificates expiring in all of the legacy Hypercom/Equinox equipment this OCT.  In order to avoid any disruption to your customers business, it is important we pass these bulletins along to them, with instructions on how to do the updates.  Updates are simple and can be pushed to the devices remotely, but NEED to be done.

Please make sure that all of your customers that have purchased the models below are aware.

The expiry issues can affect any of your customers using the models below:

L4xxx all models



L5300 PCI 2.0 devices

T4xxx all models

M4xxx all models

Now, thankfully, we have the instructions to prolong the life of the above machines. So if you have one of these terminals and you don’t care about upgrading to EMV, we can help you extend their lives, at least for a few more months. Keep in Mind, at 1Quest Payment, we upgrade our clients equipment for free.

There are many terminals that will continue working, however, they will never be ready to accept EMV Chip cards. Also, if a re-program is ever required for one of these non-emv machines in the future, you’ll be out of luck. For liability reasons, most processing companies will not build a new file for these out of date machines. We highly recommend that you upgrade and toss the old technology into the garbage, or get in touch with us and will dispose of it for you. Also, the following terminals will be considered Dinosaurs within 6 months:

Nurit 8400 / 8400L / 8400U

Verifone 3730 / vx510 / vx570 / vx610

Donnie Troy
Donnie Troy
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