With virtually every merchant statement we review, we can instantly save the business $20 per month by helping them become PCI compliant.

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. The industry has a council which puts the responsibility on the payment brands and acquirers to enforce that all merchants who accept credit cards, do so in a safe manner, within a secure environment.  In order to help implement these requirements, the payment brands and acquirers have created a PCI survey for merchants to complete every 365 days.

When a merchant fails to complete this survey, their merchant provider starts charging them roughly $20 per month for being “non PCI compliant”.

All that you have to do is call the 1-800# on the side of your equipment (or on your merchant statement) and ask them to help you complete your yearly PCI survey. If you work with our team at 1Quest Payment, all that you have to do is forward us the email stating your survey is expiring within 60 days and we will help you complete it free of charge.

By taking 10 minutes and completing your PCI survey, becoming “compliant”, you will instantly save yourself $20 per month. That’s $240 per year or $2,400 every 10 years in your pocket.

Donnie Troy
Donnie Troy
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