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If You Suspect Credit Card FRAUD During The Check Out Process

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If you’re suspicious of a card or cardholder at any time during the transaction process, we highly recommend making a Code 10 request. This Code 10 request alerts the card issuer to the suspicion of fraud without alerting the customer.

Before we explain how to perform a code 10 below, we want to MAKE IT CLEAR, that the customer must never control the transaction. Meaning,  if they state they have an approval code given to them by the bank to “force” or run a “ticket only” transaction OR try to help operate your equipment, immediately follow the instructions below. If a customers credit card declines, feel free to run it an additional 1 or 2 times out of courtesy, but never take advice from them or their “bank” on how to force the card to work. Only take instruction from the source below.

To perform a code 10,  while still holding the customers credit card after running it, simply call the voice authorization number provided by your merchant company. It is typically on the side of your equipment. You will be prompted to enter your Merchant ID number so that your records are available.  State to the operator on the phone that you would like to request a code 10 authorization. Keep the card in your hand so that you can respond to questions. Along with the card information, a series of yes/no questions will be asked to determine whether you are suspicious of the card or cardholder.

The operator will provide instructions if there is any necessary action. It may result in a call to law enforcement which they will handle.

Hopefully, you don’t ever experience this type of situation. However, we encourage you to educate your staff so that they are prepared. Always better to be safe then sorry when it comes to your business and your money!

Donnie Troy
Donnie Troy
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