Most new business owners don’t realize the magnitude of the merchant services fees they will pay for accepting credit cards if they haven’t worked with us before. Because most experienced business owners we worked with has said that they attempted to understand these fees but ended up just scratching their heads.

frustrated merchantIf you are business owner, the chances are likely that at some point you were frustrated just enough, were solicited at just the right time, and had just enough courage to make a switch based off a promised lower rate that guaranteed to bring your business additional savings.

Unfortunately for most, this resulted in a big let down, little to no savings, headaches, and expensive equipment and system upgrades that just proved to be over kill. Basically a big waste of time.

But What If You Had Asked Different Questions?

I’m here to tell you that you can get favorable results in this area of your business. It is possible to reduce your monthly fees in a manner that can result in hundreds and  thousands of dollars in savings. You just have to know the right questions to ask.

Have you ever heard the saying “What you don’t know you don’t know, and therefore you don’t have”? Well now with these five questions you will be properly equipped to get the best value and deal for your business:

1) Do you represent just one credit card processor or do you have multiple options for me?

2) What other business owners in the Florida area do you work with?

3) Can you show me an actual statement from a business similar to us and in this area with the results you are promising? (let them know you understand they will black out the sensitive information including business name and specific street address)

4) How do you, specifically, get paid?

5) If I choose your service, who do I call in the future if I have a problem, question, or need to update my account?

If you are unsure of the most favorable answers to these 5 questions or why they are essential, contact us as we are here to answer all your merchant related questions

Donnie Troy
Donnie Troy
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